Read about our various competitve events down below! Click the link to see the results for each competition and click on the images for each event to see the rules.

Sustainable Solution Competition: Dog House

Students design and build a temporary shelter for a displaced dog during the aftermath of a disaster or emergency.

Concrete Canoe

Students design, construct, and race a canoe made out of concrete. Arguably the most competitive civil engineering competition in the world, schools fight to keep their national championship hopes from sinking.

Water Treatment

Students design a water filter to be constructed on site, and test the efficiency of the assembled filter by treating contaminated water. In this competition, teams are scored based on a design paper, construction efficiency, water test results, and a presentation.


Students design, present, construct, and test to failure a Mechanically Stabilized Earthwall (MSE) using strips of paper. For this challenge, engineering teams are judged and scored based on their presentation poster and the efficiency and quality of their reinforcement design.

The design poster rules can be found here.

The competition appendices, which includes the material specifications, judging/scoring rubrics, and safety appendix, can be found here.

Transportation Challenge

Student design and present solutions related to transportation and traffic that help improve mobility and safety for transportation systems and help build smarter and better communities. San Jose's city information can be found here.


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San Jose, California 95192
United States of America


From: April 18th, 2019
To: April 20th, 2019